Summer Wardrobe Crushes

Oh boy, I can’t wait for summer to begin! Especially because we had a little summer sneek peak when the temperature came above 20 degrees. Once you go bare legged, you don’t want to dig up your thick sweaters and knits anymore. On Pinterest I dream about perfect beach holidays, while I save beautiful photos […]

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REF Stockholm – Review

REF Stockholm When you’re a sucker for pretty packaging and branding like me, you’ll understand the power of attraction. I even have a Pinterest board where I collect all cool bottles, boxes and other packaging with pretty colours, prints and fonts. This story started with me falling for the minimal branding as well and when […]

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Time to share my favorite tool to edit photos on my phone! When I take pictures with my iPhone, instead of the camera, I like to edit them right on the spot. No photoshop needed, because VSCOcam has all filters and options you’d like! Let me state that this is not a sponsored post, but […]

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Interior – Wall of frames

I can’t believe how fast time flies by. It seems like yesterday that we moved into our loft apartment. Fact is, it’s been 9 months ago! Time for a new home update I guess? This time a corner that I wanted to decorate for a while now. The bedroom area! Creating a cosy loft bedroom […]

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Ohh, earparties like these. My ear is a work-in-progress at the moment, as I recently shot my second earring. Ready for the third, but still deciding if it’s going to be a third in line or one high earpiercing. One thing is sure and that is that my tiny jewellery collection will grow! With these […]

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        Oh boy, have I been on an inspiration-search for ages now. I always found tattoos to be a form of personal expression, art and beauty. I was never opinianated about tattoed people and I will never judge people by their overload of (weird / awesome / crazy / childisch) tattoes. Why? […]

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"One day you'll look back and see that all along you were blooming"
Morgan Harper Nichols

Søstrene Grene Breda

photo: Søstrene Grene I’m following them on social media and been to a store of Søstrene Grene once before, in another city. And now they opened a Søstrene Grene Breda! I have to say: love it! This Danish store, set up by two Danish sisters Anna and Clara, has a collection of home accessories, furniture, […]

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