Win REF Stockholm Products

Remember the review I wrote on REF Stockholm? These vegan and cruelty free hair products haven’t left my bathroom ever since. Below you’ll find some result photos of my hair, using REF Stockholm for several weeks. REF Stockholm result My opinion hasn’t changed. Because the REF Stockholm products are paraben and sulfate free, they improved […]

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Summer Wardrobe Crushes

Oh boy, I can’t wait for summer to begin! Especially because we had a little summer sneek peak when the temperature came above 20 degrees. Once you go bare legged, you don’t want to dig up your thick sweaters and knits anymore. On Pinterest I dream about perfect beach holidays, while I save beautiful photos […]

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REF Stockholm – Review

REF Stockholm When you’re a sucker for pretty packaging and branding like me, you’ll understand the power of attraction. I even have a Pinterest board where I collect all cool bottles, boxes and other packaging with pretty colours, prints and fonts. This story started with me falling for the minimal branding as well and when […]

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Time to share my favorite tool to edit photos on my phone! When I take pictures with my iPhone, instead of the camera, I like to edit them right on the spot. No photoshop needed, because VSCOcam has all filters and options you’d like! Let me state that this is not a sponsored post, but […]

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Interior – Wall of frames

I can’t believe how fast time flies by. It seems like yesterday that we moved into our loft apartment. Fact is, it’s been 9 months ago! Time for a new home update I guess? This time a corner that I wanted to decorate for a while now. The bedroom area! Creating a cosy loft bedroom […]

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Ohh, earparties like these. My ear is a work-in-progress at the moment, as I recently shot my second earring. Ready for the third, but still deciding if it’s going to be a third in line or one high earpiercing. One thing is sure and that is that my tiny jewellery collection will grow! With these […]

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        Oh boy, have I been on an inspiration-search for ages now. I always found tattoos to be a form of personal expression, art and beauty. I was never opinianated about tattoed people and I will never judge people by their overload of (weird / awesome / crazy / childisch) tattoes. Why? […]

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"One day you'll look back and see that all along you were blooming"
Morgan Harper Nichols

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