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Sometimes, quality is essential. Also when it comes to sunglasses. After years of cheap, plastic sunglasses from high street brands, I felt it was about time to invest in quality instead of quantity. Don’t get me wrong, the H&M sunglasses were fine; you can throw them into your bag and wear them while swimming, without being afraid to lose or break them. Because when you do, you know where to get a brand new one under 10 euros. But let’s be honest! Don’t we all want to wear unique glasses? And next to that: quality sunglasses protect your eyes 100 times better from UV radiation.
 A while back (on my birthday) I received money from friends to get me some fine sunnies. To be honest: I was striving for a round Ray-Bann glasses for a while. But when I went to the optician and tried one on, it didn’t felt like these were the one for me. Too mainstream. So my boyfriend and I went to a new store in my hometown Breda, You & EYE, which has caught my attention due to the unique presentation of products and style of interior. Going in, we met the owner Edwin (who is absolutely the most passionate man about his work and store ever) and we chatted about -of course- glasses, the people buying them, the store, trends in glasses, what different shapes can do for you and the story behind brands. I was sold. Sold to these amazing, unique and handmade Isson sunglasses. It wasn’t a easy choice though, as the whole store is filled with one of a kind, unique and high quality glasses and sunglasses. Keep an EYE on this blog, cause we’re thinking on doing some great things together for you!




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