Oh boy, I can’t wait for summer to begin! Especially because we had a little summer sneek peak when the temperature came above 20 degrees. Once you go bare legged, you don’t want to dig up your thick sweaters and knits anymore. On Pinterest I dream about perfect beach holidays, while I save beautiful photos of summer breezes, linen outfits and straw hats. Time for a Summer Wardrobe!

photo by Mija Flatau

Summer Wardrobe Moodboard

As I recently went through my closet, I really want to make a plan for my wardrobe. Do you recognize beeing stuck between some styles? That’s where I am right now. Not that I don’t know what I like and want for my wardrobe, but I simply get too impulsive when shopping and come home with items that are ‘Ok’ instead of ‘Wow!’ In short, I need a steady base to start with!

So what do you do when creating a vision of something you plan in the future? Create a moodboard! And with that mood being set, I went through several websites to find some items for my summer wardrobe.

Shopping – Summer Wardrobe

Smooth, abstract lines. Natural colour palette. Soft tones. Breezy fabrics.

With that in mind I selected all sorts of wardrobe picks that end up my wishlist. From linen jackets to cotton knitted dresses. Think I am ready to shop for summer! Hope my bank account agrees with me! Simply click the image to shop. Found a lot of pretty summer essentials at &OtherStories.

Hope you like this post girls! Happy shopping!

Ethics / This post isn’t sponsored, nor will I receive a commission over things you buy via this post.

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