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Necklace – Sacha // Hoops – No brand // Shirt – Asos

Accessoires wise I love to simplify. The cleaner the better. The last time I wore hoops in my ears I was a little girl. It started with tiny earrings and couldn’t wait to wear the bigger ones. But after a long period of big and bold ones I go for ‘the smaller the better!’ 

4 thoughts on “ SIMPLIFY ”

  1. Toffe foto! En ik ben het helemaal met je eens, vroeger was ik altijd van de grote en opvallende oorbellen, maar eigenlijk staat iets subtiels zo veel mooier.

  2. Hallo… Do you know if they ship to Denmark? I have been written to them, but I haven’t got my question answered.. So maybe you can find out of it, ’cause I can’t find it on their website.. 🙂

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