Besides the beauty of jewelry I love to hear the story behind them. Was it a gift? Is it from your grandmother or great great aunt? Accessories or clothing with a story are a tad more interesting to wear than rather beautiful pieces (which is never wrong). The ones above? As a little kid I always shared BF-necklaces with my best friend. My weakness at the time? I was terrible in organizing, which resulted in lost jewelry. After years of new best friend necklaces and bracelets, the only thing I kept was this strong best friend relationship, which I luckily didn’t lose! As I’m older and way more organized and careful with my accessories I found it was the right time to get ourselves a new one. This time to stay! It resulted in this tiny rose golden necklace with a transparent glass heart. This one is here to stay! 
I got myself this silver origami bird necklace a few year ago. I can’t remember where I’ve bought this one, I’m thinking of the Urban Outfitters in Antwerp. Why an origami bird? Because I always folded these little paper creatures whenever I had a square piece of paper around. Napkins at restaurants, wrappers of sweets, pages from exercise books at school; they always transformed in paper birds. You understand why I’d to take this one home with me.

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