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If you every choose for a brand on which the quality is super good, you might not go back to cheaper options. Just like my jeans. A while back I bought these two blue Levi’s 721, which are still such a great buy! So what do you do when you’re in desperate need of new black jeans? Exactly!

soophisticated - levi's 721 high rise skinny jeans


The best thing was.. When all the Black Friday craziness came around, I also saw a discount at Levi’s. Jackpot! Really.. did you also feel the urge to buy something, just because it’s madness and discounts are thrown around everywhere? Luckily, I listened to my mind (and wallet) and only got myself this black baby. It’s the Levi’s 721 High Rise Skinny Jeans in colour Black Sheep. And for 30% off the original price! If you’re reading this right now.. you can get yours with 30% off too until the 27th of november! Go Go Go!

soophisticated - levi's 721 high rise skinny jeansOutfit Details:

721 High Rise Skinny Jeans – Black Sheep – Levi’s // Boots – Zara // Sweater – (very old) Zara

soophisticated - levi's 721 high rise skinny jeansQuality over Quantity – Sizing

It’s no secret you better opt for quality over quantity right? But hey, some brands are just a bit friendlier for your bank account. That’s the reason I chose Zara, Monki and H&M over and over again. What I hated about those? It doesn’t go with jeans sizing. The main reason why I kept buying black jeans, because they worn out so quickly. They seem tight when you buy them or get them out of the washing machine. But after a few hours of wearing, it seemed two sizes too big already. With Levi’s I always got the advice to buy it a little bit too tight and wear it out a little. The great thing about these jeans is that they don’t get too loose, even after a little while! And I love I can choose my needed length and not a standard, which gives me bare ankles.

2 thoughts on “ Black Levi’s 721 High Rise Skinny ”

  1. Dear Sophie,

    Thanks for the tip! I was wondering if you could share your experiences with the colour. My biggest struggle with black jeans (and no thigh gap) is that the colour doesn’t stay intense, especially after washing. What is your experience with the Levi’s jeans so far?



    1. Hi Julia!

      Thanks! I must say that I am impressed with the colour at the moment. Black jeans from Zara, H&M and others used to get grey so easily. My Levi’s is still black! In store they advised me not to wash it ass little as possible. But if you get a stain on it, it’s best to wash it with cold/luke water or 30 degrees. 🙂 Did you get it as wel? -X- Sofie

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