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Mango Jacket

Some day, one day, I will get myself a great quality, bad ass real leather jacket. But in the meanwhile, I search, wear and own some faux ones. You probably know what I mean by student budgets and this won’t bring me an expensive real leather jacket, worth hundreds of euros. Maybe I’ll buy one from my first (non-student) salary when I get graduated and have a job. Or maybe not. It’s only dreaming after all. But I got myself a great replacement last week! Although this is faux leather, it has a great overall look (less shiny than photos above) and doesn’t feel ‘plastic’ at all! 
This weekend is all about relaxing and hanging out with some friends. One of them got a new job and I’m so proud, so we have to celebrate! What are you up to?

7 thoughts on “ (LEATHER) JACKET ”

  1. I received a leather jacket for my birthday last year and I love it! It’s from Muubaa if you’re interested! xx

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