soophisticated_investmentpiecessoophisticated_investment_piecessoophisticated_investmentpieces2.1721 high waist jeans – Levi’s // white t-shirt – Tiger of Sweden // hat – H&M // gold bracelet – AfterDRK x Maison de Bonneterie. 

Let’s talk investment pieces! In my opinion there are not many rules to get a perfect wardrobe. It’s about investing in the right pieces. We all love shopping and I could do it all day every day. But when you play it by the rules, it can save you a whole lot of money. I talk about investment pieces. The perfect basics should be perfect indeed. This is where we all should invest in! A leather jacket, crisp white t-shirts, the right jeans, black ankle boots and then of course some key accessories like hat and an everyday leather shopper. I bought these and another Levi’s about a week ago and I am so so glad I did. I always ended up with jeans from Zara, H&M and Monki, but they all got looser after just an hour of wearing them. And after a month of two the shape and color faded. These high-waist jeans are so perfect, comfortable and the shape and fit couldn’t be better. I wonder why I’ve been buying the budget options instead of investing in these jeans, because in the past years I’ve spent a lot of money on different jeans. Guess investing is cheaper in the end!

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