As I didn’t post much last week due to my exams, I will make that up to you by posting a blog every single day this whole week. Theme? Favorites! What are my favorites I can’t go without or favorites I would want to wear everyday? 

Black, grey and white. These are the colors you’ll see when entering my wardrobe. Shirts, tops, dresses, skirts and pants. I have them in all sorts of shades and textures. These three are my absolute favorite and many people could tell that by the daily wear of these pants. You can’t tell from the photos, but the black waxed pants are high-waisted. When I came across this one at Zara a while back I couldn’t be more happy to find it. Black, coated & high waist. The grey and printed jeans are from H&M. Normally I’m not very pleased about their pants, because they are always too short for my legs and they always are too big when you have worn them for a day. But as the prices where attractive and the print looked great I’d give them a shot. Winner! The trousers aren’t too short and also the quality is better than I’m used to from the brand.
You could say I live in these pants.

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