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Jacket – Hema (on sale!) // Striped shirt – H&M Men’s department // Pants – Zara // Shoes – Invito // Earrings – Claire’s

With weather like this it’s the best thing to wear comfortable, warm and layered outfits! What’s better than a sweatshirt from the H&M men’s department? They often have cooler basics than the ladies department! Although I love working at home, I’m about to get a little fresh air and do my homework at a coffee bar. I’m so much more concentrated and focussed when working elsewhere than at home. Know the feeling? When I work at home; at the end of the day my house and closet are cleaned up and the laundry has been done. The only negative thing of leaving my house right now is that I have to wrap myself in many layers and gloves, hat and scarf as I’m having a cold right now. I’ve been drinking lots of tea with honey and taking aspirin and pain killers for my sore throat. And I can tell you: muscle pain + having a cold = very painful when coughing! The great thing about working at home is that it’s very comfortable. Playing the music you love, drinking lots and lots of (free) tea and sit on your favorite spot. I don’t remember if I shared this coffee table before here on the blog, but it’s home made. We use it for everything! Next to an actual table it works great as a bench to work on while stretching my legs! Comfor-table at home! Hope you have a great weekend as well guys!

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