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Blanc Essentials - Soophisticated
Found your perfect classic white T-shirt already? Seems easier than done right? You can choose for a random budget-friendly brand, but will notice the lack of quality after a few rounds of laundry. Or opt to invest in basics, but by investing a fortune. There should be something in between right?

Most of you probably know I graduated from International Lifestyle Studies about a year ago. Although I haven’t had much contact with my former class mates, I still follow them around here and there. And so is the case with Bart. It’s no surprise he thought up an awesome idea which fills in a gap in the fashion industry: best basics for the best prices only!

Blanc Essentials - Soophisticated

He teamed up with a friend and created the brand Blanc: high-quality classic essentials for the best price only. How? By selling their products in one simple app and online only, they cut out the middleman and pass the savings on to the clients. So it’s investing in a premium €60 T-shirt for only €20, without compromising on quality or service. Sounds perfect to me, so I tried them out myself. And not only me..

Blanc Essentials - Soophisticated

I hear you thinking.. how can these shirts be high-quality but affordable at the same time? A lot of high-end and designer brands have clothes that are marked-up a lot (around 7-10 times) before they reach us customers. Why? The costs need to cover all kinds of middlemen like agents, marketing budgets and stores. By selling online only, Blanc made a short cut from cotton to consumer. This way the only costs you pay are for the fabric, the cut, packaging and transport. Easy as that.

Blanc Essentials - Soophisticated

Yes, you see this correctly, I dragged my boyfriend in front of the camera to show you how these shirts are perfect for both men and women! How does it fit? Perfect! I really like the texture and quality of the shirt. Made of 180 grams of combed cotton, this shirt has no see-through which I think is a super important factor: no extra tanks needed underneath. Next to that, I really like the classic crew-neck fit which makes it a perfect unisex wear.

Blanc Essentials - Soophisticated

Overall, I really really love the entire concept, from idea to the actual product. And I already heard which classic is next and coming up.. Another one you shouldn’t miss out on!

More about Blanc: / Download the app here / Or visit their Facebook 

This post is created in collaboration with Blanc. All opinions and content are my sincere and genuine feelings about the subject.

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