An entire day without phone, notebook and television. Can you imagine that? I didn’t a week ago, just before I was about to try to be offline for 24 hours. We live in a world where digitalization is crucial. Without the internet, I wouldn’t have a blog and we couldn’t communicate through Facebook, WhatsApp, mail. How I experienced this? I managed! I can’t pick a side. It’s great to live in such silence, without notifications, beeps and messages. But when you need to contact someone, it’s getting difficult. We all scroll thoughtless through our Facebook 10-20 times a day, without really noticing we do so. What is a conversation while staring at screens the entire time? Why going out for dinner when you check your phone every minute? It made me realize we need to be more conscious on the usage of social media and the internet. No need to reach for my phone when waiting for the train to arrive. Live in the moment, not online!

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