pssssssst! I am still alive on Instagram!

“Sooph! What’s up? How is Soophisticated going? It is so silent..”

So so true! Over the past year I’ve been in a on-off relationship with Soophisticated. A break from blogging and back to blogging. A break from blogging and back to blogging again. The reason is not because I don’t like to blog, write, photograph anymore, because I love all of that! It’s not about a lack of inspiration eighter, because I am overloaded with inspirations lately (especially when it comes to interior and health)! I think/hope you fellow bloggers recognize it when I say I can only blog if the quality and concept is right, but at the moment it’s not clear (yet) what I want and where I want to take Soophisticated in the future. A lot of ideas have crossed my mind lately.. from an online webshop to collaborations with other amazing creative souls and offline ideas, but somehow I haven’t figured it out quite yet. But oh I do miss the creativity! Sometimes I bump into the sweetest followers on the street or on a night out asking me when I start blogging again and I have to admit: I feel so guilty when that happens and realize even more that I’ve missed this and you. I know I’ve been updating on Instagram on a daily basis, but I really feel like giving you more!

So.. time for some action again!! I will take it slow, so I can work on Soophisticated in the meanwhile, but I really feel like inspiring you again with awesome content!

Some of you might have followed me on Instagram and see some big changes when it comes to my lifestyle. I am healthier and stronger than ever before and it feels oh so good! Yes.. it’s the Bikini Body Guide where I’ve talked about before (you know, ages ago.. here.. on the blog). Right now I’ve finished the guide for the second time and started the Bikini Body Guide 2.0 last week. Results? Lost 6 kilograms in fat and gained 100% of energy! This week I will tell you all about it, starting with a health update tomorrow!

Hope to get you inspired again by all what inspires me here on Soophisticated. Welcome back dearest followers, because I am here to stay and grow! In the meanwhile.. I would love love love to know what you like to see/hear from me! Curious about my personal life more or about my healthy/fit journey? My growing passion for interior design since I work for the best interior design store since months? My daily outfits and fashion cravings? Tell me and I will show you!

2 thoughts on “ TO BLOG OR NOT TO BLOG ”

  1. Ik vind het sowieso heel leuk om te lezen over je fit journey en zeker ook over je passie voor interieur! 🙂 Eigenlijk vind ik alles wat je post leuk, dus aan mij heb je misschien niet zo veel, haha.

  2. Jaaa welkom terug! Ik miste je blogs ook al, maar gelukkig ben je op Instagram in elk geval weer back on track 🙂 Ik vind jouw interieur en health inspiratie super leuk, misschien receptjes en DIY? X

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