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…a quote stated on Pinterest. And ever since I read this one, it’s been in my mind. Of course social media like Instagram shows all beautiful visuals, which is also the reason I love it. But it can be misleading too. Let’s be honest.. most of us post photos of the positive/cool moments in our lives, when our outfit is at it’s best, you have a perfect hair day and you’ve outdone yourself with cooking. Because this is visually cool and why not share those happy moments, right?

You must have seen those “me vs real-me” photo’s coming by. Girls posed half naked, all flexing and sucking ‘it’ in on the left and posing in the relax modus on the right. A good thing.. but I really hope these are not necessary for people to realize it. I just hope people understand that Instagram isn’t realtime and every single one has problems too. Nobody has their shit together!

Take a break - SoophisticatedTAKE A BREAK

The past weeks I was so busy and worked so much, that it scared me a little bit. I’m always super positive and don’t need much to recharge again. But those weeks I had such a low energy level and couldn’t recharge myself at all. Also working-out wasn’t possible because I simply hadn’t got the time. When you see all those fitgirls coming by on Instagram going all strong it sometimes made me feel even more sad, because I wasn’t making the same progress. STOP. This is the negative power of Instagram. It can be motivating, but boy it can be dangerous too. All though we might not want it; we all compare ourselves to others. Bad thing! Because they might be in a stressy situation too, but you won’t see that in their feed. My message: love the flaws, don’t worry.. be happy and never stop laughing! 

So here are a few tips to set back, relax and take a break. And sometimes it’s ok, not to be ok!
1) Put yourself first – don’t think about what others might think you should do. Only do things that make you happy, not others.
2) Have to VS want to – Feel like working out? Great! But only if you do it because you’ll think it’s fun, because it is a way of relaxing and not if you feel you have to do it!
3) Prioritize – Set priorities for yourself. Some things can be done later! This way you’ll have more time to do the real important things on your to-do list! 
2) Say NO
 – to things that doesn’t positively affect you. It’s such good thing you’re always there for people and helping them out, but saying no creates a little more you-time! Tip: read the book ‘the magical thing of not giving a f*ck’, so funny
3) Have FUN – because life is better when you’re laughing.
4) Vitamins – healthy lifestyle, happy lifestyle! You can’t get your energy back without taking care of your own body first. Drink water, eat healthy but hey some chocolate every now and then won’t kill you eighter!

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