soophisticated_Portugal3 soophisticated_Portugal soophisticated_Portugal8 soophisticated_Portugal2 soophisticated_Portugal5 soophisticated_Portugal6 soophisticated_Portugal1 soophisticated_Portugal7 soophisticated_Portugal9This was SO goood! As you could read in my previous post I was packing my bags to destination unknown. Well.. sent us to.. Portugal! In a town near Lisbon! It was such an amazing week and I recommend it to everyone!

It was so exciting not knowing where you’re going to when you arrive at the airport! So the moment we entered the scratched code to the personal link we felt like little kids on Christmas morning! The whole trip went flawless! The communication, the flight, the transfer to our hotel and our whole stay the rest of the week! We’ve never been to Portugal before, but woah what a beautiful environment! We stayed in Estoril but walked to the next small town called Cascais almost everyday since we liked their beautiful beaches and small streets! I loved every single colored house. (Can I have a pink house too please?) Culinary-wise it wasn’t the best destination I’ve ever been to, but they had some very good Mojito’s and local food (like Codfisch and almond pastries mmm). Another great thing about this place is that the train station was just down the street, so we took the train to Lisbon two times. One by day and one by night! I think I can talk about our vacation for hours and hours. But the best part of it was that I went with my best friend and we had so so much fun! <3 About Surprise Me.. they are awesome! This isn’t an advertorial or sponsored post, so I recommend it with all honesty! It is just a big experience and too much fun not to try! 

Have you already been on a surprise vacation? Would love to hear your own experiences! Where did you went to?

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