Resolutions 2017 - Soophisticated Must Do List!

BYE 2016 – You were good to me!

This year went by like CRAZY, don’t you think? And it seems like every year flies by even harder. And with that.. I also feel like growing up so fast. Seems just yesterday that I started my study, but this is already 6 year back. Six.. years! And look at me know, having a grown-up job, got my drivers lisence, bought our first car and signed for a loft apartment we move into next april! Besides all the growing-up things, 2016 was also the year I got super happy in mind and body. I started my health and fit journey end 2014 and got really serious in 2015. But the difference now, is that it has become my lifestyle instead of a goal. The goal of getting fit and more energetic is reached and I feel better than ever before. Next to muscles, I gained some knowlegde about health, food and how to treat your body and mind well. Next year it isn’t about getting fit, but keep going strong and gaining a little bit more muscles and definition. But that won’t be a problem, because I can’t imagine going back to an unhealthy lazy lifestyle again!

HELLO 2017 – Let’s MOVE on!

Let’s move on this year! And with move, I am talking about moving litterally! If you followed me around a bit, you might have seen that we are moving into a loft apartment this april! And I can’t wait! This month we are able to go and have a look for the first time. The building is an old monastery, where nuns used to live. 15 lofts are being realised and we got one of them! Can’t wait to start shopping, but it might be handy to first see the apartment in real life. Sure though, there will be pink involved! <3

Resolutions 2017 - Soophisticated Must Do List!


I don’t have strong resolutions which I would like to follow. I don’t want to attack some heavy problems and issues this year. Because I’m happy with my life and lifestyle as it is! But.. that doesn’t mean I didn’t think of some must do’s for this year.

So I set up a list with some small adaptions to make me a bit more happier. Because I truly believe happiness can be found in small things, actions and words. I’m super curious what you think and if there are some points on this list you want to improve too! 

Resolutions 2017 - Soophisticated Must Do List!

Resolutions 2017 - Soophisticated Must Do List!

So 2017, bring it on! I’m ready for you! I already started with the list and send my daddy an handwritten card for his birthday. Normally I also would write a card and give it too him, but sending it makes it even more special, right?

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