My, oh my. How I love Barcelona city.. Ok, I know there are several super cool places and very breathtaking places around the globe, but for me Barcelona was just what I needed. What we needed! Two years ago my boyfriend and I went to Barcelona for two weeks to stroll around, walk the touristic paths and see a lot (lot lot). And since we only had a long weekend to spend, 5 days in total, we knew exactly where to go. Barcelona again, to revisit the coolest bars, have a few relaxing┬ábeach days and wander around the city. We had a blast! If you’ve been to Barcelona before, you probably know what I mean. The vibe is relaxed, but still crowdy, the seafood is goood, and so is the Tapas, the Mojito’s fine and the weather is awesome. And the best of all.. I went with the best of all <3 How lucky can a girl be? This time I didn’t take my camera with me, because I wanted to see everything through my own eyes and experience it to the fullest. So I used my phone to take a few snaps of our vacation vibe. Have you been in Barcelona before? Agree with my love for the city?

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