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Ozewiezewoze wiezewalla kristalla kristoze wiezewoze wiezewieswieswieswies

No I haven’t got a cat who walked over my laptop typing crazy lines. This is actually a very old and traditional child rhyme/song which my granny used to sing when I was little. It is so old that many don’t believe there is an actual translation, while some say it’s about a happy child. So when my grandmother gave me a bigger amount of birthday money for my 21st birthday, like she does to all her grandchildren turning 21, I knew I had to get something special in honor of her. After a long time (I’m turning 23 this March) of thinking what to get I finally decided what to buy. It’s hard to see on the photos, since it’s very tiny. But this silver bracelet, in Dutch called ‘slavenarmband’, is engraved with the word Ozewiezewoze, referring to the song she always sang. I can’t wait to see how she reacts when seeing it!

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