Sweater – Zara (old collection) // Jeans – H&M

I’ve waited for this day to come, for so long. My last day at school. My last time having college. Last time being teached at International Lifestyle Studies. Of course this doesn’t mean I am graduated, but hey, it’s coming closer now! What’s left? My final internship! Many of you know I study International Lifestyle. I know this name confuses a lot of you! Is it fashion-related? Yes, but that’s just a tiny part of the education. What is it we learn? It’s all about Trendwatching and Concept Development. Not the -what’s-the-latest-fashion-trend-kind of trendwatching but the bigger developments. What is happening around us, what are the latest innovations and what must companies do to stay interesting for their customers? I had to choose two sectors to specialize myself in. It’s no surprise I’m specialized in Appearance and Living. (You can also choose for Health, Human Movement, Food and Leisure)
For now I have to lock myself up and study study study. I have eight exams and a big deadline coming up. After that it’s time to start at my new internship: Libelle Magazine! More about that later! Right now I’m as happy as a little kid’s first day of school.
(Except the fact it’s my last, LOVE IT)

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