G R A D U A T E D !!

I really thought this day would never come! But it really is true: last week I graduated as Lifestyle Professional! It was a hell of a ride, but I made it to the finish line and crossed it after 5 years of studying. My final assessment has been a week ago, but after a few communication problems with school (they lost a few of my grades, long story – not interesting to read) I finally got the final call telling me I am graduated for sure!

As some of you might know, I studied International Lifestyle Studies. An education in ‘trendwatching’ and ‘conceptdevelopment’, on which I specialized in Appearance (fashion & identity) and Living (interior and the urban environment). It’s a study I recommend to all creative people who have a sense of curiosity, feeling and talent to create cool innovative concepts for brands and companies.

So what now? // I wrote my Thesis for the awesome interior design (web)shop MisterDesign. If you are into design, you should definitely go visit the website and stores in Den Bosch, The Netherlands. Not only I worked as an intern but also on a steady base, as they offered me a job this February! Right now I’m working part-time and work on the online content/branding for MisterDesign. And oh boy.. working for one of the best interior design stores makes you greedy and craving all design products I am surrounded with at work!

I have no idea what the future holds for me, but I sure do know it is time to get Soophisticated on a higher level. So there is a lot going on behind the scenes here!

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