soophisticated.2013 soophisticated.instagram2013 soophisticated.2014style soophisticated.2014It’s absurd how fast time flies. I remember NYE 2012 so well as if it was just a few weeks ago. And yet we suddenly stepped into year 2014. There has happened a lot in just one year. In my personal life, but also in blogging. Summer 2013 I decided to go back on my own feet again and stopped blogging for It was an amazing experience and I couldn’t be more grateful to be their blogger for one year. Back on my own, means a new blog layout and gosh you can’t imagine how difficult it is to create the exact same thing you have in mind. I’m still thinking about some small adjustments, like the size of photos, but I’m not that website-building expert as I wish I’d be! 2013 was also a great year Instagram-wise. I have got 2378 followers at the moment, which means 2013 brought me +/- 1500 more followers. It’s such a motivation to get all the sweet comments and likes on my Instagram feed! Big thanks to all of you!

Style and taste in fashion can change a lot in just one year. Of course I knew what I liked and didn’t like, but I seem to have found my exact style in 2013. Basic, minimalistic, black and white, a mix of feminine and androgynous, with a love for statement pieces. I wonder how this will change/grow in 2014. Therefore I haven’t got big or shocking style resolutions. In 2014 I’d like to go for quality over quantity and invest in some fine basics. Go for more expensive basic white shirts, good jeans and a leather jacket, which will all last longer. This will make me purchase the on-trend items, a lot less expensive (good thing, cause these items only last a season). I also like to go for more prints. Dots, stripes, marble and graphic prints, it’s all possible!

What to expect from me and my blog? More outfitposts! It’s almost impossible to find someone who has time and skills to take some shots, but I hope I will manage! More DIY’s! I’ve plenty ideas, but I hadn’t got the time to work them out yet. Coming soon! More interior posts! As this blog started as a fashionblog, it has turned in a lifestyle blog throughout the years. I love to share my thoughts on interior with you guys and hope you like them too! And last but not least, I will keep the inspiration posts coming. I can spend hours on Pinterest and Tumblr and have my Macbook filled with some fine inspirations. Would love to share them all with you! I would love to hear from you what you like most and what you would love to see (more) on Soophisticated! 

Last but not least, I would like to give a big THANK YOU, to all of you. You keep me motivated to blog on, improve myself and my blog and put a smile on my face with every sweet comment I receive. I got to meet a lot of you in the past months, when bumping into each other on the streets, club or shop and I loved the fact you recognized and introduced yourself to me. Keep doing that! I love to meet the people on the other side of the screen!

2 thoughts on “ BYE 2013, HELLO 2014 ”

  1. Ik hou van je stijl! Zo mooi strak! En wow wat veel volgers via Instagram.
    Ik mag een set Caviar Beads weggeven op mijn blog, doe je mee?

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