soophisticated.newhomesoophisticated.cactusI can’t describe how thrilled I am to tell everybody I’m going to live together with my boyfriend and already got the keys to our amazing apartment! Some of you might know I’m having a relationship for many years now (this summer 8 years), so we figured it was about time to move in together! We found the perfect apartment; sky high ceiling, big windows, in the city center and within our budget! Now it’s time to furnish and decorate! My most favorite part! Luckily, my boyfriend and I have the same taste & style, which makes it easy to find the right items! The wishlist is long, but two things are already bought: a sweet little cactus and string lights! It’s still work in progress, but I couldn’t resist showing you a little sneak peek! 

7 thoughts on “ WORK IN PROGRESS ”

  1. Wat heerlijk om dan te gaan samenwonen en het ziet er ook nu geweldig uit! Ik ben ook druk opzoek naar een plekje om samen te gaan wonen dus ik snap dat je super blij bent! Heel veel geluk samen en succes met het inrichten! Xx.

  2. OMG I also have just recently moved in with my long time boyfriend and I’m exactly at the same stage of decorating, also my favourite part. Looking forward for more sneak a peaks of your new corner <3

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