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New year, new home. We’re moving into a loft apartment mid-april. We haven’t been there since they started building and renovating, so we might wanna take a look first, before going all crazy on home shopping. But there is nothing wrong with a little wishlist-making, right?

Items above are all found on webshops, which originally started as fashion brand. But their home collections are pretty cool too! Really really liking the pink leather pouf by Sissy-Boy! As seen here, a pink sofa would be my dream buy. But since I don’t think I can talk the boyfriend into that, a pink pouf might be a great alternative! The linen bedsheets from H&M Home are also on the wishlist. I already have them in light grey and I love love them! Another addition to our interior would be a carpet, like this one from Sissy-Boy! I could go on and on and on with interior shopping.

  1. Leather pouf by Sissy-Boy 2. Black and White Carpet by Sissy-Boy 3. Cushion by Sissy-Boy 4. Velvet Pouf by Sissy-Boy 5. Washed Linen Cover by H&M Home 6. Stoneware Box by H&M Home 7. Bath Mat by Urban Outfitters

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