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As I didn’t post much last week due to my exams, I will make that up to you by posting a blog every single day this whole week. Theme? Favorites! What are my favorites I can’t go without or favorites I would want to wear everyday? 

Lightbulb. Also one of my favorites around the house. So basic, very functional and replaceable. It gives the perfect soft light, so I use it often above my nightstand in the evenings. Before I moved into this house (I live together with two nieces) two years ago, I told my parents what I liked and needed to furnish and decorate my room. So I told them I would make this kind of lamp. When I came home the next day, my father handed this one to me. He got himself the supplies and made me this lightbulb. So sweet of him! And it’s perfect. I still think of that time, whenever I look at it. Aren’t those the little things that make you smile?

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