PurdeysPurdey's Thrive On - SoophisticatedPurdey's Thrive On - SoophisticatedOn October the 6th, the new sparkling energy drink Purdey’s will be launched in the Netherlands. A refreshing energy drink with a unique blend of fruit juices, vitamins, botanicals and sparkling spring water to keep you rejuvenated. And.. no artificial sugars added, just the way I like it! Their message launching the drink? #ThriveOn: taking life into your own hands, grow, develop, learn and take every opportunity you can. To invigorate the launch, Purdey’s teamed up with international photographer Jimmy Nelson, famous for his amazing work where he captures different cultures all around the world. Cultures with their own beautiful traditions, arts and lifestyles.

Purdey's Thrive On - SoophisticatedMY DRIVE

How I Thive On? Never stop growing, never stop learning and being the best version of myself. If you followed my fit journey a bit, you might know this was a big changing point in my life. Might be the biggest actually!

With this change also comes the fact I am so much more self aware! I do things because I(!) love it and not to please others. Like I shared on Instagram yesterday: People pleasing hides the real you. What makes you happy and what’s stopping you from doing it? I believe you should always be your own motivator and find things in life to make you feel the inspiration, energy and drive. Set goals that makes you want to jump out of bed. Because the grass is green where you water it, you won’t find it on the other side!

Purdey's Thrive On - SoophisticatedPurdey's Thrive On - SoophisticatedPURDEY’S THE DRINK

Now you must be curious about this beautiful designed, sparking drink? I love the taste! Purdey’s is the perfect drink for sweet tooths, who are aware of the high amount of sugars in regular energy drinks. No cafeine, no artificial taste or added colours and sugars. So what’s in it then? Juice from concentrate, sparkling spring water, acid, botanical extracts, vitamins and natural flavors. My favorite? I have to say Purdey’s Edge (black version), of red fruit because it’s sweet but still super fresh. The Purdey’s Rejuvenate (silver version) is even more fresh and a little less sweet. A vitality drink without all the added flavours, sugars and crap, me like! Might be one of my new favorite cold drinks, as I only drink water and no soda’s at all!

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