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Sunday equals comfort, relaxing, drinking lots of tea, being a couch potato and surfing the web for some inspirations. I can’t get enough of that last one. Give me a laptop, a cup of tea and you won’t hear me an entire day. Sometimes it feels like I’ve reached the end of internet by clicking, clicking and some more mouse clicking. Above you see some inspirations I saved on my computer. You could say it’s a very big wishlist including a miniature cactus, white wooden floor, diamond shaped and industrial lamps, some arabic prints, lot’s of white and oh, see that side table in the last photo? Of course it’s just dreaming for now, as I don’t have the space to get me everything from that list, but hey, dreaming is fine (for now).

And today I will announce the winners of the Novelty bag give-way! The winners are…
Ellen Oudejans + Roeli Halkes
Congratulations girls! I will send you a mail with all the info! Enjoy your sunday everyone!

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