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Stop Snacking: tips & tricks - Soophisticated  DO YOU HAVE DISCIPLINE?

So the first thing you have to ask yourself, is if you’ve got some strong discipline. If you are a girl, and I mean the stereotype who dies over chocolate and snacks.. you might not have it. And hey, it’s ok! That doesn’t mean you’re helpless and snaccidents will happen on a daily basis for now and forever.

At home, I have discipline. But when it comes to parties or work, oh boy that temptation. I simply can’t go to a friends party, just drink water and bring my own questbar. That would be weird right? Or for me it does. But here are a few tricks to create more discipline! And I’m happy to share them with you.


First off.. a bit of snacking isn’t bad. You won’t gain 2 kilo’s by eating going crazy on a Tony bar once. But if it becomes snacking on a daily and regular basis, I get you want to stop that. So… how to avoid snacking unhealthy? I set up a few tips and tricks, which help for me!


My number 1 tip: if you don’t need it, don’t get it! I personally don’t snack if I don’t have treats at home. Lucky me: my boyfriend doesn’t care for snacks. This means we actually don’t have them, hardly ever. No chocolate, no cookies, no chips or crips.


But.. how to avoid taking snacks home with you when at the supermarket? 1. Do your groceries once a week. Less supermarket visits, less temptations! 2. Make a list. When you do your food-shopping once a week, you need to make a list not to forget something. When doing groceries, you will be so focused on that list, you won’t get extra’s! On top of that: when you got a cart filled with food you’ll less likely stuff it further with (unneccesary) food.


So this may seem like a big obstacle, but when you start doing it you’ll love it! With doing groceries once a week, you’ll need to know what to get. My boyfriend and I mostly do groceries on sunday or monday. We write down what we will eat for dinner each day of the upcoming week. With that information we set up a list with ingredients needed. Bonus: you might save up some extra money because you can use some ingredients for several meals, with means: dicard less food at the end of the week! If you don’t know what to eat for dinner you might opt for junkfood or take-away more easily. Make sure to fill up that fridge for less snaccidents and missing meals.


I never heard or read that word more than the past year: protein. Before, I did new protein was one of the three marco components of food, together with carbs and fat. But what they did.. I had absolutely no idea! I won’t start the protein-topic too much, because I could fill three pages with useful information about protein. But what is important to know, especially when it comes to cravings and snacking, is that high-protein meals have a positive effect on cravings. Protein needs longer to digest and ensures you feel more full for a longer period.


Cravings, you can’t stop them. Yes, you can break your chocolate and sugar addiction (dramatically said), by not eating sugar for a few weeks. This will make your body scream less for sugar and sweets. But hey, we need some suger every now and then, right? If you are in the need of sugar, try to opt for healthy alternatives. Nuts, berries or quark are my favorite healthy snacks, which are also in my personal food schedule. Or try to make/bake healthy (raw) snacks without the added sugars, like protein banana bread, a healthy cheesecake or raw choco-coffee balls!

Stop Snacking: tips & tricks - Soophisticated
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Hope to help you out with some of these tips. But here is a reminder from me to you: go for that snack every once in a while! You won’t lose all your gains by having a date-night with Ben&Jerry! Just keep it real and enjoy <3

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