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Bikini Body Guide: Not the end! - Soophisticated

P-P-P-Partyyyyy! Why? Because I ended the Bikini Body Guide round 2! And wooh I feel great! As you might know, I started my fit journey in 2014. That was the first time doing the Bikini Body Guide, by Kayla Itsines. After that I tried to keep up in the fit game, but that went with ups and downs. End 2015 and beginning 2016 I found my motivation back and gave the BBG another try! With this also came the real motivation to eat healthy as you could see with all healthy snacks and recipes! So where do I stand? What are my goals? And what’s up next?

Bikini Body Guide: Not the end! - Soophisticated


So my main goal was to get fit, healthy and lean. With lean I meant loosing excessive fat and creating abs, strong lines and definition on my body. It started with my wish to go down to 65 kilograms, since my weight was 73. That goal is achieved! But along the way I realized it’s actually not about the weight, but about the percentage of body fat. Starting with 33% body fat, I am ending the Bikini Body Guide program with 22,1%! That last percentage had more in it that just working out with BBG though!

Bikini Body Guide: Not the end! - Soophisticated


The Bikini Body Guide got me fit and healthy again. It was (and is) the perfect program to get motivated and start your journey as the exercises are for everyone and every type of person. It showed some strong and fast results and helped me lose a lot of body fat! As you can read in previous blogs, it takes some discipline as you have to do 6 work-outs a week. Next to that it’s a fact that ‘abs are made in the kitchen’. So healthy food is necessary as well! But as you are starting to see results, the motivation for healthy food and cutting crap out of your diet becomes easier! As this was round 2 I’m ready for something new! As I told above, I didn’t get that percentage of body fat from just the BBG!

Bikini Body Guide: Not the end! - Soophisticated



A few weeks back I dropped by Health Advies Breda (Health Advice Breda), since seeing them coming by in my Instagram feed more and more. Health Advies Breda is a store in my hometown Breda, where they have all sorts of supplements and.. offer advice and coaching in for all (future) fitboys, fitgirls and everyone who wants some coaching! How? You can measure your body fat percentage, get a personal training schedule and they offer a personal nutrition plan. All for free! You can make an appointment or just walk by, cause there are a lot of awesome coaches to help you around! And it’s like a candy store filled with protein, shakes, questbars (this pumpkin pie one!!), zero calorie sauces and more!


So as I was still working out with the BBG, I got my fat % measured and received a personal nutrition schedule! And it works! Because after only 2,5 week I came back for a new measurement and my fat percentage dropped from 24,3% to 22,1%! And I’m still enjoying my food, because who said being on a diet stands for eating salad all the time? (Drop by my Instagram to see some food updates coming by!) New goals? Get my body fat under 20% and see what’s next! Because this body may be bikini ready, but I still think there is more for me in store! And I am so glad to be coached, as this is an extra motivation to work on it the hardest!

As I ended the BBG yesterday it’s time for something new! So my coaches made a training schedule focussed on the abs, legs and of course the glutes! I can’t wait to see some new hard results when I go back for my third measurement!

So I’m heading to the gym, to do my first legday with my new training schedule! Let’s kick some ass!

P.s This post wasn’t sponsored by any of the brands called above. It’s my enthusiasm and personal opinion that I love to share with you!

5 thoughts on “ BIKINI BODY GUIDE: (NOT) THE END ”

  1. Over een bikini-ready-body gesproken :O Ik ben dankzij jouw blog in contact gekomen met Kayla en BBG en ik maak ook regelmatig een receptje dat je deelt. Ik vind jouw journeys een van de leukste om te volgen en raak er iedere keer weer door gemotiveerd wanneer ik in een dipje zit, zoals nu ๐Ÿ˜€ Tijd om er weer ‘vollenbak’ tegenaan te gaan! En jij veel succes met het nieuwe trainingschedule!

    (Weet je toevallig of er ook een Health Advies ergens in Belgiรซ zit?)

    x. Evi

    1. Zo lief! Dankjewel! Doet me altijd goed dit soort complimentjes! Jij ook good luck chick! Het lukt je vast! Blijven doorzetten en jezelf reminden waarvoor je het doet! En af en toe een dip is heeelemaal niet erg! Health Advies Breda is op dit moment de enige en eerste. Maar ze groeien zo sterk dat er misschien ook nog wel uitbreidingen gaan komen. ๐Ÿ™‚ Liefs, Sofie!

  2. Wauw, mooi resultaat! Ik ga ook maar eens snel naar health advies Breda. Altijd fijn om wat meer info en begeleiding te krijgen. Maar gratis? Hoe dan! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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