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It’s a visual party above, but some things just need a pop of color! Like this beautiful Triangl Bikini called Penny Wanderlust. Love at first sight about a year ago, but I made myself the promise: once you have finished the Bikini Body Guide (with a bikini body as result) you may have a awesome bikini! So here it is! And also a part of my birthday present from the sweetest girlfriends! I doubted a lot between this one and the pink version, but I couldn’t resist the beautiful cobalt blue pop! Now it’s only a matter of waiting.. I’m going on vacation with my bestie in July. Where I am going? I don’t have a clue! We are going on a surprise vacation! But more about that later..

My next goal? Getting strong and lean!! I am still not where I want to be, but I love the progress and the journey of getting there! If you only think about the final goal you will get de-motivated because it simply takes effort and a lot of time! Set smaller and easier goals for yourself and you will feel the pride and motivation of going harder, faster, stronger! What is your ultimate motivation?

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