Soophisticated Leg Progress & Transformation

I really really really really doubted looooong before posting the photo above. It has probably been on my desktop for two weeks without touching it.. I think there is no explanation needed why I hestitated, right?

It’s out there.. in the open and for everybody to look at. Collegues, parents-in-law, people I might have to work for or with in the future. Yes I am aware of that. But hey, when you start a blog -and start blogging about your fitness journey- you also got to have the balls (or glutes) to show some transformation and progress, right? And that simply doesn’t work with a hundred layers of clothes. And in my opinion, this isn’t even the most shocking one I’ve every posted.

2014 VS NOW

The left photo was taken back in 2014, right before I started the Bikini Body Guides by Kayla Itsines. I wanted to loose some weight and getting more healthy and energetic. Although my “problem zone” has always been my belly, there sure was some work to do on those legs. Especially in shaping them! So on the right is my leg progress from mostly the last period of working out! P.S did you know your skin changes also a lot? My legs feel so much softer and less dry!! Yes I know I stand differently, guess I worked on those posing skills as wel these past two years. Haha kidding! 


The Bikini Body Guide helped a lot with dropping the weight fast. But I really started to notice the difference when I started training with weights! The personal training schedule, provided by Health Advies Breda, really showed off the hard work. My favorite legday work-outs which has led to my leg progress?

X Cable Pull Throughs
X Hiptrusts
X Squats (Front Squat/Kettlebell) 
X Deadlifts

Google them and get ready! Warning: the work-outs above might leave some real burning the days after..

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