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Health Update: Harder Better Faster Stronger


Health update! I visited my personal coach Zwier from Health Advies Breda again for a check-up! As you could read in my previous update I am following a (free!) personal food and work-out schedule mainly focussed on losing body fat and gaining muscles! And I feel a-mazing! My body fat is 18% at the moment and I am so happy with this number. As you might know, I started my health journey a while back with 33% body fat. Can’t believe that almost the half of what it is right now. The Bikini Body Guide was a fantastic start, but I couldn’t have come so far without the help of Health Advies Breda to drop down the last hard part!


Right now I’m following a high/low carb schedule, which means I eat low carb on non-training days and go high-carb on the days I do work-out. This means I have 4-5 high-carb days and 2-3 low-carb days a week. Me liky and it isn’t hard at all! This may be because I’ve never been a carb-addict. I can easily go without bread, rice or potatoes, so for the ones who do love these it might be a bit harder. On the low-carb days I am focussing on eating a lot of proteins like eggs, nuts, quark and fish/meat and some extra protein by Whey. On high-carb days I add oats, whole wheat crackers and rice/sweet potatoes to my schedule. I could talk 20 posts full of food, so if you like to see some kind of food diary, let me know!


Like said before, I am working out 4-5 times a week. My main focus is -the famous- abs and glutes, but also definition in my arms. My work-outs last for about 60-90 minutes and divided in several muscle groups.

Day 1 is Glutes, Hamstrings and Lower Back.
Day 2 is Shoulders, Triceps and Abs.
Day 3 is Chest and Biceps.
Day 4 is Quads, Calfs and Side Abs.

As you can see I got my legday and abs work-out divided in two days for some extra definition. Whenever I have time and feel like another work-out I add a cardio training with some extra abs.

Health Update: Harder Better Faster StrongerBODY CHANGE

So how is my body translating those numbers into visual transformations? First it was all about losing extra body fat and get that fat% number down. I started at Health Advies with a bodyfat of 24%, which isn’t bad of course, but I felt fluffy and had no muscle definition. Right now it’s 18% and the biggest difference is my silhouet and definition in arms, abs and legs. This is because my muscles have grown and got more volume. That right there is the main reason weight training is so important.

You can cardio your ass off, but the problem is that your ass will actually get lost by doing only cardio! If you lost weight and excess fat, your body might look a bit empty. And that is because your muscles miss volume. That part is where I am working for right now: growing guns, ass and abs. Unfortunately there is no titties-workout right girls?


I know getting started is hard and it’s scary to dive in that weight corner full of bulky guys at the gym. But it’s so worth it! I am lucky to have a personal coach to tell me exactly what to do and why we are doing it. So it might be an idea to get a personal trainer yourself? Or if you live in or near Breda: go to Health Advies. (Nope, this isn’t a sponsored post, but just an actual happy customer who love to spread to word about their awesome personal coaching).


  1. Wauw wat zie je er ontzettend goed uit!

    Ik ben zelf nog altijd op zoek naar de beste combination van voeding en training.
    Ben daarom wel erg benieuwd naar hoe jouw eetdagboek eruit ziet!!
    Eet je bijvoorbeeld alleen volkoren koolhydraten?

    Mijn focus ligt nu op het definieren van mijn armen. Zij zijn ontzettend gespierd door alle krachttraining maar vanwege het vetlaagje eromheen lijken mijn armen gewoon fors. Niet helemaal de bedoeling haha.


    1. Hi Rachel! Thanks voor je lieve comment! Ja die combinatie is inderdaad lastig in het begin. Ik denk dat het vooral belangrijk is dat je 1) zo min mogelijk snoept/snackt 2) geen/zo min mogelijk bewerkt voedsel eet en bewuste keuzes maakt voor inderdaad volkoren ipv wit. Daarbij: niet te weinig eten ook! Ik ben bezig met een food diary, dus die komt er deze week nog op 🙂

      Haha, ja die plaatselijke vetlaagjes zijn het vervelendste! Die duren ook het langst! Ondanks dat het lijkt alsof ze dan groeien, is het toch het beste je armen goed te blijven trainen. Dan verlies je op die plaatselijke plekken vet, ipv bij cardio waar je overal je vet aanspreekt!

      XX gooood luck! Mocht je meer vragen hebben, let me know! 🙂

  2. Hi Sofie,

    Dankjewel voor je reactie! Ik zal jouw adviezen opvolgen (a)
    Ik vroeg mij alleen nog af hoe jouw krachttraining eruit ziet. Train jij je spieren aan de hand van machines met echt zwaar gewicht, of doe je jouw eigen oefeningen met gewichtjes?

    Dankjeweeel!:) xx

    1. Hi Rachel!

      Ik doe een combinatie van beiden. Het fijnste vind ik om met gewichten te trainen, maar voor sommige oefeningen heb je wel machines nodig. Als je bijvoorbeeld oefeningen doet met cable. 🙂

      Liefs, Sofie!

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