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Shirt – Zara // New running shoes – Nike
(Couldn’t resist buying the shirt as I stopped craving for junk food since I started training!)

My new rhythm: eat, sleep, train, repeat. Not necessarily in that order though. You might have read it on my Instagram already, but I’m working out using the Bikini Body Guide by Kayla Itsines. It took me just one day to get convinced I had to get this e-book. I saw it coming by on Instagram and went to see more at Kayla’s account. You can’t scroll through her IG without getting motivated. Dozens of transformation pictures from girls finished the Bikini Body Guide, showing the jaw-dropping results. Voluptuous girls getting skinny and skinny girls getting lean and fit. I couldn’t resist the idea of not doing this myself and bought both the guides. The exercise guide consists of a 12 week training schedule filled with circuit workouts, different kinds of walking and running exercises. The nutrition guide consists of information about a healthy and balanced diet, a week menu and healthy recipes.

How are things going so far?

What do I feel?
Great! I only finished my second work-out of week 2, but I already feel the difference. Not a surprise as I’m working out 6 days of the week. The most important thing is that I feel I’m getting more healthy and fit already. I feel much more energetic, haven’t got a lot of cravings anymore (used to eat so many sweets and chocolate) and feel I am finally training structured. I used to go to the gym as well, but 2-3 times a week and afterwards I left as clean and dry as I came in. Right now, I leave the gym red, exhausted and all wet & sweaty as if I just came out of the shower.

What do I see?
Body-wise I feel some small changes when it comes to the fitting of my clothes, but I read the actual visual results are starting to show off at week 4. By that time I might post some transformation photos on Instagram as well. To get even more motivated I bought these bright pink Nike running shoes!

What do I eat?
I’m not eating the exact things on the example menu of the H.E.L.P. Nutrition guide, but adjusting it to my likings and taste. The most important thing is balance. Your daily menu should have a balance between grains, vegetables, fruit, diary and poultry/fish/eggs. So if my breakfast is yoghurt with oats and fruit, my lunch would be something with bread or toast and vegetables. And of course the most important thing for me: quit unhealthy snacking. Instead of cookies and chocolate, I now enjoy a teaspoon of peanut butter and slices of apple (really you should try this!). 

Pfeew, this was a very long textual post, but as I received some questions on social media about the Bikini Body Guide I thought it would be nice to tell something about my experience so far. Inspired? Questions? Or already using this guide? So curious! Tell me about it!

10 thoughts on “ EAT SLEEP TRAIN REPEAT ”

    1. Hi Lot!
      Both the guides are 69,97 Australian Dollars (so around €49,-) each, but you could also buy them as a bundle and then it costs 120 Australian Dollars (€79,-). It’s worth each dollar!

  1. Ahh je bent er toch mee begonnen dus, you go girl! En het is net wat je zegt.. al die motiverende foto’s die voorbij komen, damn. Ben benieuwd naar je veranderingen over een tijdje!

  2. Great job! I’ve started bbg a week ago but I stopped because I have this weird cravings and ended up eating what I want whenever I want. It’s a terrible feeling. Planning to start over but I’m kinda scared because I feel sick about eating these processed foods. Any tips/suggestions? Good luck on your journey!

    1. Did you start having these cravings when you started the BBG or do you have them for a while now? I am a real chocolate lover, but I have to admit, when you get into the routine of the BBG, going to the gym 6 days a week and having healthy meals and snacks (like slices of apple with a teaspoon of peanutbutter jummm) the cravings will stop! I hardly think of chocolate or snacks at the moment, because my body is now used to healthy snacks. Didn’t expect this would happen but it really is! Hope I’ve given you a clear answer! x

    1. Hi Fransje,

      Sorry daarvoor! Ik heb hem helaas niet meer.
      Misschien dat je hem nog via Marktplaats kunt vinden?

      Liefs, Sofie

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