soophisticated_bbgscheduleSo the most asked questions about working out with the Bikini Body Guide is: what-when-how-where? Mostly it goes like this: What type of work-out do you do? .. BBG? Never heard of! .. How often? .. WHAT? Six times a week? .. How does it work? .. What do you do? .. In your gym or at home? I almost always have to laugh about the surprised faces. Because if you’ve told me I would work-out six times a week a few years back, I would probably react the same!

How do I manage this? Let me tell you!

So as told before, the Bikini Body Guide consists of a Resistance (Circuit), LISS and HIIT training. Resistance training is a 4 x 7 minutes circuit training focusing on your large muscle groups and can be done within 28 minutes. LISS stands for Low Intensity Steady State and can be done on a threadmill, powerwalking for 45 minutes. HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training which can be done on a threadmill as well, but within 15 minutes.

If you stick to the guide you’ll have to do 3 times resistance and 3 times LISS a week for the first 9 weeks of the programme. That equals 6 work-outs a week. The best schedule is doing the circuits on monday-wednesday-friday and the LISS on tuesday-thursday-saturday. When I started using the guide over a year ago I was still in school. Plenty of time to hit the gym on a daily basis. Right now I have two jobs so never nothing to do! To complete every week I combine my work-outs. This week it looks like this: Monday – resistance and LISS, Tuesday – LISS, Wednesday – resistance, Friday – resistance and LISS. So all together I’ve done my 6 work-outs in 4 days! If you have more time, I would definitely recommend spreading out the work-outs so your body can rest some more. From week 9 to 12 you can add the HITT for extra results.

On days like these I work from 09:00 to 17:30, get home around 19:00, have a light dinner and off to the gym. Yeah some days are killing, but I tell you what: I have more energy right now than during my “gym break”. I find it less hard to get up in the morning and I don’t feel like being a couch potato after I get home from work. 

Everybody is different! And what works for me, doesn’t have to work for you too. But this is just how I manage to complete the Bikini Body Guide next to my jobs, friends and spare time. Hope to have answered some questions. Don’t hesistate if you have any questions! Would love to answer them for you!

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