You see them coming by on Instagram on a daily basis, especially in the mornings.. Beautiful and colorful breakfasts with exotic fruits. I have to say I’m the same sucker for beautiful meals too! It makes it more fun to make and eat. And above all, it motivates to keep adding fruits to your breakfasts, like with this pink oatmeal breakfast!

Oats have never been this popular and that’s a good thing! Why? Because it’s full of proteins that boosts your energy! It also causes a slow rise in glycemic levels, which is perfect for increasing fat-burning during your work-outs! It’s full of fiber, which makes you feel fuller for a while. So less cravings in the morning! Convinced? I’m sure you’ll get to like these breakies as much as I do. To keep it more fun you can make endless combinations to make each oatie different! From now on I’ll be posting my favorites weekly! What is your favorite?

You’ll need:
✚  50 grams of rolled oats
✚  200 ml of almond milk (or any other you like best)
✚  Red fruit, like raspberries, strawberries or blackberries
✚  Orange
✚  Cacao Nibs
✚  Quinoa Puffs

Stir and decorate!
✚  Heat the oats with the milk in a pan.
✚  Add 3/4 of the red fruit and keep stirring until the oats are ready to your liking.
✚  Time to decorate with the remaining red fruit, sliced oranges, cacao nibs and quinoa puffs.
✚  Ready.. Set… Eat!

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