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About a week ago I hurt my knee when trying to get my bike into a car. While giving the bike a swing, my left knee (standing against the car) bent inwards. The next few days the pain went away, but after working-out intensively the pain came back. Since I’m going on a snowboarding trip next week I got it checked. It’s not severe (I’m so lucky) but I have to give my injured hamstring a week of rest. So… Back to the point!

What do I have to do with all the time not working-out in the evening? Right! Baking healthy -of course- and clean snacks! What the *** is that term you see coming by every now and then?  ‘Clean Food’ means no processed foods and avoiding refined sugars and ingredients. Natural products. You can also say ‘cut the crap’. Foodie and fittie Rens Kroes knows how to cook/bake clean and healthy like no other so I decided to make one of her recipes. I didn’t have cocos at home so I made my own version of the Raw Choco Balls, with coffee!! And they are goooooood!

You’ll need:
✚ 200 gr. dates
✚ 2-3 glasses of coffee/espresso
✚ 120 gr. various healthy nuts
✚ 2 tablespoons of raw cacao powder
✚ extra raw cacao powder, cinnamon and other ingrediënts to decorate/top the balls

Mix, roll and roll!
✚ Let the dates soak in the hot coffee for about 15-20 minutes.
✚ Use a kitchen machine to chop the nuts as small as you can and blend in the raw cacao powder.
✚ Add the dates and just a tablespoon or two of the coffee into the kitchen machine and mix it up with the nuts.
✚ Put the sticky ‘dough-like mixture’ in the fridge for about 10 minutes.
✚ Divide and roll them into equal sized balls.
✚ Now it’s time to decorate! Roll them into whatever you like! I did mine with Raw Cacao Powder, cinnamon and granola.
✚ Ready.. Set… Eat!

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