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Protein Muffins - Soophisticated


We all have those moments when we really crave something sweet. Mostly in the evening, or between lunch and dinner. Or when you have a movie night with the girls, but it isn’t your cheat day. Hooray for protein muffins! No added or artificial sugars and excessive carbs. I found these muffins at the page of fit-babe Fannetiek. Winnerrr, because these contain ingredients I already had at home! I changed the recipe a bit and added quark, because the actual recipe turned out a little dry. And not to forget: some protein frosting! <3 And not only perfect for cravings in the evening, because they are also great as breakfast muffins to go. (Pssst.. also tried these pink protein pancakes for breakfast already?)

Protein Muffins - SoophisticatedProtein Muffins - Soophisticated


For 6 small or 4 bigger muffins you need:

✚ 1 egg white
✚ 1 scoop of whey (I use vanilla)
✚ 1 ripe banana
✚ 40 gr. spelt flour
✚  1 teaspoon baking powder
✚  cinnamon (and -for dutchies- koek & speculaaskruiden yummm) to taste
✚  2 tablespoons quark
✚  (optional, but delicious) 2 tablespoons 100% peanutbutter
✚ (optional) coconut grater for topping
✚ muffin cups or muffin baking pan

For the protein frosting you need:

✚  2 scoops vanilla whey
✚  water

How it’s done:

Preheat the oven on 200 degrees celcius. Mix all ingredients for the muffins into the kitchen machine. Pour into the cups or muffin tin and place in the oven. Bake for 20-25 minutes, but always keep an eye open. They might go harder! When done, cool down for 10 minutes. In the meanwhile you make the frosting. Pour two scoops of whey into a bowl and slowely add water while whisking until you have a firm frosting. Add a little more water when it’s too thick or a little more whey when you’ve added too much water.


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