pink protein pancakesPink Protein Pancakes - Soophisticated


Because.. who doesn’t like healthy, protein-packed and pink pancakes for breakfast? I am into simple, yet nutritious and good-looking recipes, and that is exactly what these pancakes are! Normally I make protein pancakes from 1 egg, 1 small banana and a scoop of vanilla whey (also worth a try!). But since I like everything pink, why don’t we make some rose-colored pancakes, right? Last pink recipe, was the beetroot hummus and that colour was so pretty!! So I figured the beetroot would also do very well with this one!

Pink Protein Pancakes - Soophisticated


I made a big tower, which is double the ingredients stated below.
For one person you need:

✚  1/2 medium sized cooked beetroot
✚  1 scoops whey protein – I used vanilla flavor
✚  1 egg
✚  30 grams of oats
✚  A hand full raspberries
✚  Coconut oil
✚  Toppings (skyr/honey/red fruit)

How it’s done:

✚ Grind the oats into flour with a foodprocessor
✚ Add the egg, scoop of whey, beetroot, 1/2 of the raspberries too and mix all together
✚ If it’s too thick, add some water
✚ If you got a nice medium-thick batter you heat up the pan
✚ Bake the pancakes in coconut oil and stack up all the pancakes into a big tower
✚ Tip: flip the pancakes as soon as it doesn’t stick to the pan anymore. This way they stay pink and become less brown
✚ Add toppings like Skyr, the rest of the raspberries and other fruit or honey to make them a bit more sweeter. I like the taste of beetroot, but if you don’t you might like to add some extra sweetness to it.

4 thoughts on “ PINK PROTEIN PANCAKES ”

  1. WAUW! Alleen al om de kleur zou ik ze willen opeten! Ik ben heel benieuwd hoe deze smaken, vooral met de biet erdoor heen!

    1. Hi Anne!
      Ze zijn echt heerlijk! De biet proef je er wel doorheen, maar niet te overheersend! Dit komt mede door de frambozen en vanille whey die erdoorheen zit en hem wat zoeter maakt! Ben benieuwd hoe je ze vind!!
      Liefs, Sofie

    1. Hi Katharina!

      Thanks 🙂 They are delicious indeed! I use Scitec Nutrition, 100% Whey Protein in flavour vanilla!

      Love, Sofie

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