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I’ve kickstarted my day a few hours back with this coffee oats. Perfect if you need an energyboost to help yourself through the morning or if you are a true coffee lover! The recipe is from the book Havermoutje, which contains a lot of super delicious oat breakfasts, snacks, lunches and sweets! No better way to start the Saturyay with this one and an Interview of my hero powerwoman Kayla! Hope you’ll have an awesome weekend as well!

You’ll need:
✚ 50 grams of rolled oats
✚ 30 ml of almond milk (or any other you like best)
✚ 100 ml coffee
✚ handfull of dates, cutted
✚ handfull of almonds or other nuts you like
✚ … whatever toppings you please!

Easy, peasy, coffee oats!
✚ Heat the oats with the milk, coffee and dates in a pan to the boiling point.
✚ Keep it on a low fire and stir a few minutes.
✚ Time to decorate with almonds or other toppings you love.
✚ Ready.. Set… Eat!

As my laptop is failing, I posted this with my phone so hoping it’s turns out fine!

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