healthy hummus recipe 

Healthy Hummus Recipe: 4 ways - Soophisticated


Hummus <3 You eighter love it, or hate it. I jumped on the hummus bandwagon a while ago. Before, I always thought I didn’t like it. It had an “earthy” taste and tasted a bit dull. I really can’t describe it in English though. That was before I tried the spicy one. Oh boy did that taste good! Since then, my relationship with hummus got to another level: true love! Perfect as healthy snack, dipping carrots or cucumber in hummus! Since I didn’t had hummus in my personal food schedule, I didn’t ate it that much anymore. Until now, because I got a new one and hooray: my lunch involves hummus!

Healthy Hummus Recipe: 4 ways - Soophisticated


Although everyone always stated that hummus is an healthy snack, why does it have that many calories and fat, I always thought. Ok, the amount of protein is great, but can’t this be any healthier? A while back I already started trying this out with a recipe I found on Pinterest: a pretty beetroot hummus! I posted this one over here! Hummus is SO easy to make. But really! If you know what’s in the base, you can go all crazy with the rest of the ingredients! So what is the difference with homemade and store-bought? Store-bought hummus contains just the double amount of calories and triple amount of fat as homemade hummus! How? I guess because the hummus you buy is made with olive oil and added products you absolutely don’t need! Olive oil is quite optional, as the hummus below doesn’t contain olive oil at all!

Healthy Hummus Recipe: 4 ways - Soophisticated


Ok, the numbers tell us that homemade hummus is healthier than store-bought hummus. But why is hummus so healthy? What is this magical ingredient? Chickpeas! Chickpeas are a great source of protein. When eating more protein, you’ll have less cravings, because this needs longer to digest and ensures you feel more full after a meal. It’s rich in fiber! It can helps lower your cholesterol, because of the amount of beans. The tahini (paste of 100% sesame seeds) contains a lot of mono unsaturated fats. These can help promote weight loss and reduce belly fat. And last but not least: hummus contains a lot of antioxidants!

Healthy Hummus Recipe: 4 ways - Soophisticated


The best thing about making your own hummus is that it’s super easy and you can do countless variations! There is no reason not to try it, because it could be done under 10 minutes! So even perfect for the lazy chefs!

In the base, you’ll need the following ingredients:

✚  200 grams of chickpeas (cooked or canned)
✚  1,5 tablespoon tahini
✚  juice from one lemon
✚  cumeric
✚  garlic

You can add:

✚ for spicy hummus: 1 tablespoon of sambal, chiliflakes, roasted bell peppers
✚ for avocado hummus: 1 avocado, fresh basil
✚ for beetroot hummus: 2 medium beetroots, fresh basil
✚ for carrot/walnut hummus: 1 large carrot (cooked/baked in oven until soft), handful of walnuts, fresh cilantro

And so on! Just blend all ingredients together with a kitchen machine. Et voila!

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