soophisticated_havermoutje soophisticated_havermoutje2 soophisticated_havermoutje3soophisticated_havermoutje4Last weekend we celebrated the dutch Santa “Sinterklaas”. Family, dinner, drinks, sweets, presents and fun. I received this book called Havermoutje (dutch for Oats). It’s filled with super jummie recipes of breakfasts, bread, snacks, lunch and dinner. Can’t wait to try them out! Especially curious how the crackers turn out, because I’ve tried a few recipes where they weren’t crunchy. And of course I will show you all creations I’ve made!

2 thoughts on “ HAVERMOUTJE ”

  1. Wat grappig, ik heb hem ook gekregen met Sinterklaas 😉 Ben zelf erg benieuwd naar die paasuitjes, maar de crackers lijken mij ook wel wat!

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