Soophisticated_GranolaBreakfastCups4 Soophisticated_GranolaBreakfastCups5 Soophisticated_GranolaBreakfastCups3 Soophisticated_GranolaBreakfastCupsOooooh my.. Granola Breakfast Cups! You know those short recipe video’s passing by on Facebook? Most of the time there is a lot of cheese, chocolate or butter involved, so I scroll past them very fast. But this time I saw “granola” coming by and I had to stop scrolling and watch it. The result? Voila, see the photos above! These are too cute not to try out! And super delicious. I made and ate them after I worked out today and they are a great hunger-stopper! I made 12, but of course that’s too much! So I put them into the freezer and will get them out and filled for another crazy delicious breakfast this week!

Recipe comes from Tasty. You can find it here!

You’ll need:
✚ a muffin tray
✚ 125 grams of rolled oats
✚ 2 mid sized (overripe) bananas
✚ 100 grams of honey
✚ 1 tablespoon of cinnamon
✚ yoghurt (I used Skyr)
✚ … whatever toppings you please!

You’ll do:
✚ Mash the bananas in a bowl until you have a smooth substance.
✚ Add the honey, oats and cinnamon and stir until all is combined. Add more oats if it’s still too smooth and soaked.
✚ Take your muffin tray and divide the mixture into all 12 muffin cups. Use your fingers to make cups.
✚ Place the muffin tray into the preheated oven for 10-12 minutes on 175C. 
✚ When ready, let them cool down and cut your fruits/dates or other toppings. 
✚ Flip them out of your pan and fill it with yoghurt and your toppings. 
✚ Enjoy your cute breakfast!!

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