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After my low-carb food diary post, it’s now time to tell you what I eat on days when I’m working out: high-carb! Not that jaw-dropping high, but if you compare it to the low carb days it’s definitely a bit more.Why high-carb and low-carb? A little recap:

I have a personal food and training schedule by Health Advies Breda. I set goals with my personal coach, on which he makes personal schedules. This time I’m carb cycling! This means I am switching between low-carb days and high-carb days. Low-carb on non-training days and high-carb on training days. As I have a training schedule of 4-5 days, I eat 2-3 days low-carb and 4-5 days high-carb.

high-carb breakfast and high-carb snacj


I’m starting the high-carb day with a shake. *You should always start your day with a little dance, right ;)*. This shake is a combination of 100 grams red fruit, 45 grams of rolled oats, a scoop whey, a teaspoon cinnamon, teaspoon chia seeds and about 200-250 ml of water. I choose to mix it all up in a shake, because it’s quick and easy to go! Which is super handy if you eat your breakfast at work like I do! (Little red-fruit-fact: it contains a lot of fiber, vitamin C, antioxidants and is low in calories! So perfect ingredient for all you shake and smoothie lovers!) 

SNACK 1 10:30

As morning snack I have one of my favorites: skinny low-fat quark or Skyr with pineapple and flax seeds! 250 grams of both and a tablespoon of flax or chia seeds. Like said in the low-carb diary, the combination of these two are perfect! Not only for the taste, but also because the combination of pineapple and quark increases the protein intake in your body. This because pineapple contains bromelaïne! Google bromelaïne and you find out it has several health benefits, like speeding up the digestion of protein in your body!

high-carb lunch and high-carb snack

LUNCH 13:00

Luuuunchtime! Because my food schedule consists of 6 meals I don’t crave for a huge-ass lunch. Whenever I post a lunch photo, people might think it’s so little, but after the morning snack I am not that hungry! For a high-carb lunch I eat 4 spelt rice crackers with a low-fat, but protein-rich, topping like 60 grams of chicken. I can add as much vegetables as I like, so cucumber does the trick! Next to that I top one of the crackers with “appelstroop”. *what the heck is that called in english?* Of course the bio ,ll natural one, purely made of fruit without added sugars.

SNACK 2 15:00

Ok, next to Skyr+Pineapple this has to be my second best snack: walnuts and red grapes! The combination of those two.. So delicious! I take 30 grams of walnuts (which are super rich of good fats and protein) and 100 grams of red grapes. Hello red fruit again!

high-carb dinner and high-carb snack

DINNER 18:30 

I am quite a lucky basterd with that chef-boyfriend of mine. He really loves to cook and the best part: he actually can cook so so good! *Not only saying this because I love him, but because he actually can!* For dinner I eat 110 grams of low-fat protein, like in this case chicken breast. 30 grams of carbs such as pasta, rice, wraps of taco’s (yes tacos!). And an unlimited amount of vegetables! So this dinner was a super delicious bulgur with chicken, green beans, courgette, union and walnuts. Love to throw them in almost everything.

SNACK 3 21:30

Last meal of the day! And in this schedule I have a few options: 30 grams of walnuts + 2 tangerines OR 30 grams of walnuts + 2 apples OR 250 grams of Skyr + 1 tangerine OF 250 grams of Skur + 1 kiwi OR 1 scoop Casein and 100 grams of red fruit. A lot of choices, which gives it a lot of variation! Love!



As my high-carb days are also my training days, I have a bonus meal! My post-workout meal consists of a whey protein shake and banana. This is the ideal combination to recover your muscles, which you totally knocked out during your work-out! I prefer working out in the morning as early as possible. This gives me a boost of energy for the rest of the day. But because of work I can’t always do this. Tuesday – Friday are my day-time working days and Saturday-Monday are for afternoon or evening shifts so these are the days I do my favorite morning workouts!

(Note: I’m not a qualified health or diet coach. This blog is purely my experience and vision on this subject and might not have the same effects for you.)

2 thoughts on “ FOOD DIARY – HIGH-CARB ”

  1. I was kind of expecting waaaaay more carbs… This is probably the amount of carbs I eat on days where I think I’m eating low-carb. Should definitely revise my diet 😀

    ps. love your blog!

  2. Thanks for sharing!! Ik snap nu eindelijk waar het mis gaat bij mij. Heel fijn om te weten dat we wel degelijk pasta en taco’s kunnen eten, als het maar kleine hoeveelheden zijn 🙂 Ik ben trouwens super verrast over de hoeveelheid walnoten die je per dag eet. Goed om te weten!! Wat betreft de ananas, gebruik je die uit een blikje of vers fruit? De combinatie klinkt echt super lekker namelijk.

    xx Rachel

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