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Here it is! The first food/recipe post on the blog! This was by far the most difficult post to write. My english cooking-vocabulary has definitely grown, but excuse me if you still find some flaws! I’ve the best cook at home, which is my boyfriend and we decided to team up to do some food posts! He does the cooking, I do the blogging! Enjoy!

Chicken breast
Bottle of red wine
5 shallots
250 gr. mushrooms
Beef broth
2 cloves of garlic
A few sprigs of thyme
Bay leafs
Olive oil and butter

Step 1: Cutting
Cut the shallots in half, the mushrooms in quarters and chicken in smaller pieces.

Step 2: Marinate
Pour 1/4 liter of wine over the chicken, add olive oil and a few sprigs of thyme and let this marinate for at least 30 minutes.

Step 3: Adding products
Heat some butter in a pan and add some flour when the butter is melted. Bake the mushrooms. Cook 1/2 liter of beef broth and pour this over the mushrooms. Now it’s time to add the rest of the products. Add the marinated chicken, 1/2 liter of wine, mashed cloves of garlic, shallots, sprigs of thyme and bay leafs.

Step 4: Stew
Let it stew for about 3 hours. You can add more wine or herbs to your own liking.

 Step 5: Serve & Eat!
Prepare mashed potatoes or rice to go with the coq au vin and you’re ready to serve!

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