easy salad recipe

Easy Salad Recipe - SoophisticatedEasy Salad Recipe - Soophisticated Easy Salad Recipe - SoophisticatedEasy Salad Recipe - SoophisticatedEasy Salad Recipe - SoophisticatedFRESH POMEGRANATE SALAD

As it comes to cooking, I really like it to be easy and still super tasteful! I am super lucky, because most of the time my boyfriend cooks, and oh boy he can cook <3

But whenever I make myself lunch or dinner, it should be simple and uncomplicated. Oh yes, I love easy and delicious healthy food! Like with this salad! Really like the combination of the fresh pomegranate seeds and walnuts, with the “saltyness” of the Feta cheese! I could never get bored with salads like these! How about you?

Easy Salad Recipe - SoophisticatedEASY SALAD RECIPE

Size it up as you please, so no measurements needed here!

✚  fresh spinach
✚  pomegranate (seeds)
✚  feta cheese
✚  walnuts
✚  avocado
✚  salt & pepper
✚  balsamic vinegar

How it’s done:
Cut the pommegranate in half and remove all seeds. Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl. There you go! I said it was easy right?

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