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Broccoli Rice with Lentils -


Always on the hunt for new way recipes! Especially the healthy, fresh and packed with veggies! As you could read here, I have a personal diet plan with high and low carb days, with I explain here. On low carb days I don’t eat rice, potatoes, wraps, pasta or any of those. But.. the struggle here might be that you miss some volume in the meal. I posted low carb recipes before, like the courgetti pasta, easy salad and cauliflower rice. This last one is such a good one, because you can make a lot of different variations on the recipe. Why not substitute the cauliflower for broccoli!

Broccoli Rice with Lentils - Soophisticated.comEASY & PERFECT ON THE GO

As I cheer for easy cooking, this recipe is also so so simple! I didn’t cook/bake the broccoli, so that part is cold. I like it that way, because it has a bit of a bite! Also very easy to take with you as lunch on the go! When you do food prepping, you might experienced that veggies might loose the crunch because they were cooked/baked and cooled down. Because you eat this raw, it will still have it’s bite! This recipe is without meat or fish, but with lentils for some protein! But you can go crazy and think off a million ways to variate with broccoli rice!

Broccoli Rice with Lentils -


For one person you need:

✚  small sized broccoli
✚  about 100 grams of lentils
✚  handful of mushrooms
✚  1/2 red union
✚  pecan nuts
✚  lemon juice
✚  coconut oil
✚  pepper/salt

How it’s done:

Grind the brocolli in a food processor with some lemon juice (quantity to your own likings), peper and salt. Add the lentils with the brocolli. Chop the mushrooms in quarters and bake in coconut oil. Bake the red union along with the mushrooms for the last minute. Plate it all up. I had some pecan nuts and added them for a bit of a bite.

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