healthy ice cream

Healthy Ice Cream - Soophisticated

Healthy Ice Cream - Soophisticated


Call it ice cream, or better call it nice cream.. Because this this is goooood! Wanted to share my new favorite summer snack! It’s not that I invented something new here.. Instagram and Pinterest are probably filled with delicious nice creams. But since I share my thoughts, life and lifestyle over here, I might squeeze in this easiest summer snack ever, right?

And the best thing: you can eat these two right before AND after your workout. GOALS!

Healthy Ice Cream - Soophisticated


So since I moved into the loft I was still finding out the new lights, right places to shoot and thinking about content and stuff.. The thing I really liked about my old apartment were the huge(!) windows – 4 windows of 3 meters high stretched out over 9 meters of wall. Yes, that is a lot of natural daylight. And although our new loft isn’t that dark, it has a different lighting and less high windows. This causes weird light at some points so some extra equipment is needed here. Thinking about getting myself a soft box to create a natural daylight!

Healthy Ice Cream - Soophisticated


Yes… you can (and must!) eat these ice creams right before and after your work-out. As it’s recommended to fuel your body up with carbs like fruit -banana’s- for extra energy, the banana nice cream is just perfect as pre work-out snack! Some recommend peanut butter and banana on toast, here’s my banana peanut butter nice cream recommendation!

Post work-out, a protein shake in combination with carbs are recommended for a quicker recovery of your muscles. Why not cool down with some strawberry vanilla protein nice cream?

Healthy Ice Cream - Soophisticated

Healthy Ice Cream - Soophisticated


So.. here it comes. Even a child can do this – and it should! Because hey hey give those kids some natural healthy ice cream, instead of popsicles loaded with artificial sugars. Ok, so back to the recipe! Because of the structure of the banana, this nice cream will taste creamy and a bit sticky. The red fruit nice cream has a less creamy volume.


✚  100 gr. frozen bananas
✚  30 gr. peanut butter
Throw the two ingredients together in the kitchen machine (make sure yours is strong and powerful enough to mix and blend frozen chunks!) If it’s not soft enough to your likings, add a little bit of water. Tip: Try different flavours like coffee/espresso, yum!
macros: 272 calories – 14,6 gr fat (2,3 gr saturated) – 23,9 gr carbs (4,1 gr fiber, 19,8 gr sugar) – 9,1 gr protein

* Tip: peel the banana before freezing it, otherwise you won’t be able to get the peel of easy. Been there, done that!


✚  125 gr. frozen red fruit (I used strawberries)
✚  1 scoop (30 gr.) of Whey Protein (I used Vanilla flavour)
First blend the frozen red fruit in your kitchen machine (again, use a strong one!) until it’s grated. Shake one scoop of whey into 50 ml of water. Switch the kitchen machine back on and slowely add the whey. Add more red fruit when it’s too wet, or add more water if it’s too compact. Set the mixture back into the freezer for 30 minutes and your good to go!
macros: 158 calories – 2,5 gr fat (0,7 gr saturated) – 8,6 gr carbs (1,4 gr sugar) – 22,9 gr protein

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