Everyday I stumble upon the same thing: the endless search for the right equipment in my make-up bag. Like a Mary Poppins with a bottomless suitcase. Time for a change! And since I had some felt leftovers from the DIY Tote, I went crafty yesterday!

You’ll need: felt fabric, needle + threat, sciccors, clip, make-up ofcourse.

Get yourself a rectangle piece of fabric and measure it by the length of your biggest/longest make-up (in my case my powder brush). Place your make-up the way you like it and start cutting and sewing to create your own functional bag. Cut lines with your scissors and pierce these holes with another piece of fabric, attach the ends by sewing them onto the fabric. Wow this part is hard to explain, hope you’ll get it by looking at the third photo! The form and content are different for every make-up “bag”. I made a little pocket for eyeshadows and lipsticks I like at the moment. Already thinking about the next one in other fabrics. Neoprene, Leather.. enough options!

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