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 Candles – Various shops // Candle in glass – H&M // Winebottle candleholders – Ferm living

As I love an industrial, minimalistic style interior, I also like to use materials such as metal, steel and concrete. It’s obvious there had to come a Do It Yourself project involving this last material. As I’ve always liked the use of letters and typography in living accessories, I’d loved to try this out myself using concrete. As I had a lot of concrete I tried out a candle holder made out of a plastic spa-bottle. Definitely something I’ll do again soon to make me some more. It’s such an easy DIY to do! It doesn’t take much skills nor time to get the result you like. Just use the following instructions:

You’ll need:
– Moulds; I’ve used a cardboard letter and a plastic bottle.
– Concrete mixture
– Scissors

Do it yourself:
– Prepare the concrete, following the instructions on the package.
– Pour the concrete mixture into the moulds and smoothen the surface. Push a candle into the concrete on the spot you’ll like it to be. When the concrete sets, you can easily get the candle out. Make sure it’s dry enough though to keep the hole for the candle.
– Let the concrete set for about 48 hours to make sure it’s dry enough to get it out of the moulds.
– Carefully peel of the mould from the concrete, using scissors to cut the mould off.

I hope you all like it as much as I do. Inspired? Questions? Leave them below! 

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