Silver Care Shampoo, Colour Preserve Mask.

Remember the review I wrote on REF Stockholm? These vegan and cruelty free hair products haven’t left my bathroom ever since. Below you’ll find some result photos of my hair, using REF Stockholm for several weeks.

Grey, soft hair by using REF Stockholm products

REF Stockholm result

My opinion hasn’t changed. Because the REF Stockholm products are paraben and sulfate free, they improved my hair a lot! My hair feels softer, shines more and I have less tiny broken hair strands. Next to that, my scalp used to feel so dry and itchy.. This was due to the sulfate. REF Stockholm contians no damaging chemicals, but natural ingredients like quinoa protein, blueberries and linseed oil. Extra bonus: I noticed that I have to wash my hair a lot less often as it gets less greasy.

Result of using REF Stockholm products

Tips to keep your hair healthy

Taking care of your hair with natural shampoo is a great first step. But to improve your hair even better, I make sure to follow the next steps as well:

  1. Let your hair dry naturally from the air
  2. Try to avoid heat from a straightener or curling iron. (I use them once a week at the most)
  3. Dry your hair with a(n old) T-shirt, this makes your hair less frizzy.
  4. Apply an hair mask once a week.
  5. Try to brush your hair only when having conditioner in (yes in the shower), this prevents breakage.
Win REF Stockholm Intense Hydrate Shampoo + Conditioner

Win a set of REF Stockholm Shampoo and Conditioner

Because I’m so pleased with the hair products, I arranged something for you to win! Because not all of you have blonde hair, I get to giveaway their bestselling Intense Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner!

Intense Hydrate

So what is the miracle behind the Intense Hydrate? It contains Coconut Oil, Bergamot Oil and Strengthening Quinoa Protein. The Coconut Oil has fatty acids which provides deep hydration to the hair without weighing it down, while the Bergamot Oil produces a lightweight shimmer.

How to win?

Here is what you should do to win some REF Stockholm products:
– Visit my Instagram
– Follow @soophisticated
– Follow @refstockholmnl
– Leave a reaction under this Instagram post

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