Oh boy, have I been on an inspiration-search for ages now. I always found tattoos to be a form of personal expression, art and beauty. I was never opinianated about tattoed people and I will never judge people by their overload of (weird / awesome / crazy / childisch) tattoes. Why? Because they tell a story, make a memory of a special someone or moment in life.


Me and my bestie are still thinking about the right tattoo to express our friendship and love for each other. Little side note: we always have had those friendship necklaces when we were little. You know, half hearts and words like ‘best friends’ split in two separate jewellery to share with your soulmate. After more than 20 years of friendship I lost them all, while she kept them all safely. Time to share something I won’t lose, right?

So what do I fancy? You might have guessed it, but.. minimalistic, small and thin-lined artwork. Words written in a beautiful handwriting and small symbols. As of the place of the tattoo, I think it is most likely I will have one on my arm, wrist or ankle. Just have to find the right one, for the right place. I guess this chapter is ‘to be continued…’


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